Find and Remove Identical Files with Duplicate Cleaner

Duplicate Cleaner is a free software for finding and removing identical or duplicate files on a Windows PC. It is able to search for all kinds of duplicate files. It uses two algorithms for matching the file contents – file hashes using the MD5 checksums and byte-to-byte comparison. It comes with special comparison algorithms for finding duplicate image and audio files. For example, it can find duplicate files through the ID3 tags for the MP3 audio files.

Duplicate Cleaner has a wizard like interface that takes you from one step to another easily. We have to begin by specifying a search criteria. We can pick between the regular mode, image mode and the audio mode. In the regular mode it includes choosing the search algorithms (find same content files or use other criteria), set search filters such as file name, file sizes and file dates.

Duplicate Cleaner

We can also choose to find the identical files by matching their file names, file extensions, file creation dates and the file modification dates. For the image and audio modes we can choose to find similar pictures and match music through the audio tags respectively. After this we can click on the Start Scan button to initiate the search.

When the search results appear, all the identical files are grouped together to indicate that they are similar or duplicate. We can select the files we do not want and delete them. There are many different ways to select the files. We can select the oldest file, newest file, select all but one file in a group, select only one file from a group and so on.

Duplicate Cleaner

In the free version of the Duplicate Cleaner, we do not have access to some of the features. For example, the image and the audio search modes are not available. These modes are available only in the paid Pro version of Duplicate Cleaner.

You can download Duplicate Cleaner from