Split Multi-Channel WAV Files With SimpleWavSplitter

In the older versions of Windows sound recorder, we could record sound from the microphone and save it as WAV files. These audio files were uncompressed and were really big in the file size. Even for a few minutes of audio recording, we used to get many hundred megabytes of audio files.

When recording WAV audio files through microphone or any other kind of audio input, it creates a multi-channel audio file. In the simplest setup, we get at least a two-channel audio file (left channel and right channel). This happens whether you use the old fashioned sound recorder on Windows or use a third-party software like Audacity to record the audio.

Once an audio file has been saved with multiple channels, you can extract or split these audio channels either using an audio editor such as Audacity or through another open-source tool called SimpleWavSplitter. It is a very simple tool that can split any multi-channel audio file into single-channel WAV audio files.


Using SimpleWavSplitter is very easy. We can get information about a WAV file by clicking on the Get WAV Head button and selecting a WAV audio file. It gives you some very useful information including the number of channels available in that file. If you have a multi-channel file and you want to split all the audio channels, then you can click on the Split WAV Files button and choose a WAV file from your computer.

It instantly splits the selected WAV file into many different audio channels and saves them into the folder specified in the settings. These file are also in the same WAV audio format and renamed according to their channels such as channel 1 or channel 2 etc.


SimpleWavSplitter works very fast and splits the various audio channels in a matter of seconds. It is ideal for quickly extracting various audio channels from any audio file.

You can download SimpleWavSplitter from https://github.com/wieslawsoltes/SimpleWavSplitter.