How to Disable Update Check in HyperSnap for Windows

HyperSnap is a professional screen capture software for Windows. It helps you capture the screen, a region on the screen, a window or part of a window easily. It comes with a large number of annotation and editing tools for modifying the screenshots. The pictures can be saved in a number of image file types such as GIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, etc.

I have been using HyperSnap for taking screenshots for a very long time. I first discovered HyperSnap when it was being distributed with the PC World magazine back in early 2000s. It has only got better with time. However, there is one thing that may irk the new users of HyperSnap. It keeps asking you to update the software as soon as a minor update is released.

If you want to manually download and update HyperSnap yourself, then you can easily disable the automatic checking of new versions in the following manner:

  1. Launch HyperSnap and click on the Help tab in the toolbar.
  2. Click on the Software Updates button in the toolbar.Hypersnap Check New Version
  3. In the number of days box enter 0 and then click on the Done button.
  4. Now, HyperSnap is not going to check for new versions of the software whenever you launch it.Hypersnap Check New Version

Reversing the above steps is very easy. You can follow the same steps all over again with just a single difference. This time, you have to enter 7 instead of 0 in the number of days box. It will make HyperSnap check for the new available version every 7 days. You can actually change this number to any number of days after which you want to check for new version of HyperSnap. Checking every week seems very convenient but if your work schedule does not permit for such a shorter duration, then you can make it monthly (30 days) and so on.