PerfectUpdater : Scan, Download and Install Latest Drivers for PC

When we buy a new Windows PC, it comes with the latest drivers for that time. As time passes, new driver software becomes available, but installing it is a big hassle as we have to go from one website to another looking for these drivers. For example, we can download latest NVidia GPU drivers from the NVidia website and for downloading Realtek audio drivers, we have to visit the Realtek site. Even though some PC manufacturers, make it easy to download these drivers from their sites, we can make it even much more easier through the use of software like PerfectUpdater.

PerfectUpdater is a Windows application that can scan your PC for outdated driver software and find out if their any new version for that driver is available. It can then download the latest version supported for your devices and install them for you. Everything is done automatically and nothing is needed to be done by the user, except maybe select which drivers they want to update.

Perfect Updater

On its dashboard, we can see some basic information about the Windows PC such as the Windows version, RAM capacity, hard drive space, processor and GPU. The dashboard also displays whether we need any driver update, or all drivers are already up-to-date.

Perfect Updater

One of the very useful features of PerfectUpdater is the ability to backup and restore the drivers at any time. We can make a backup of the old versions of the device driver software. We can later restore these drivers in the event that the new version of the drivers are not working, causing some problems or are not up to the expectation.

Perfect Updater

PerfectUpdater also allows the users to schedule the driver updates. We can make it automatically scan, download and update the drivers at a specific day of the week when the computer is not being used for work. This way it won’t interfere with the regular use of the PC and will still be able to update the drivers.

PerfectUpdater is not a free software but it offers a trial version which can be used only for 24 hours.

You can download PerfectUpdater from