Quickly Analyze Local Area Network with Lanytix

When you connected your computer to a local area network, you may want to analyze that network for various reasons. For example, you may want to discover which other devices are connected to the same network or what are the various IP addresses assigned to those devices.

With the help of a free software called Lanytix, we can analyze any LAN and discover useful information about it. It is a portable program and does not require any installation. After launching Lanytix you have to click on the Scan network button and it immediately starts scanning all the available networks on your PC.

Before you realize, it will populate a big list consisting of all the networks and devices that it has discovered on your system. For each of these, it displays status, name, IP address, MAC, operating system, manufacturer, when it was first discovered and the ping results for them.


In addition to the network analysis, it also shows some very useful information about your computer. We can find this information under “My PC” tab. It includes, username, machine name, network adapter, connection type, IPv6 and IPv4 addresses, DNS servers and other network settings.

We are also able to export all the results that Lanytix has found in form of CSV database. This database file can be easily opened using LibreOffice or Microsoft Office. We can print this list of results on a paper for keeping a record of the network analysis when we are diagnosing various problems.


Apart from the information exported to a CSV file, it also supports logging of all the events. We have to enable logging from Lanytix settings and it will keep a track of all the network activities – which device connected and when. It is really a useful tool to keep an eye on your LAN network activities.

You can download Lanytix from https://www.oo-software.com/en/oolanytix.