GOG Giveaway : Racing Game “Absolute Drift”

GOG is know for their DRM free full game downloads. This is why all the PC gamers love GOG. You are going to love them even more when you find out that they are giving away an open-world, racing game called “Absolute Drift”.

In this game you take the seat of a car driver and show your skills at drifting. If you do not know, drifting is the art of over steering your car at high speeds to take turns at sharp corners without slowing down. Under normal situation, the car driver slows down the car before turning around a corner. But with the art of drifting, you can turn your car without having to slow down.

Absolute Drift is an open-world game. There are no fixed paths or routes for you to follow. You can drive anywhere you want. There are many drifting tracks available where you can practice our drifting skills. There are also some mountain roads where you can experience some advanced drifting techniques.

Absolute Drift

Graphics wise, do not expect the game to challenge the likes of Need for Speed. It shows a very plastic world without any trees or buildings. But you will find a lot of spiral roads and bridges where the your drifting skills will be put to test. The car is also very plain but you can change its colors.

Absolute Drift does play some good music in the background and you can enjoy listening to it as you advance in game levels. Alternatively, you can turn off the game music and listen to your own music on Spotify. It comes with three game modes and a total of 34 game levels.

You can claim your free copy of “Absolute Drift” by visiting GOG website at https://www.gog.com/game/absolute_drift. The giveaway will last only until 1 PM UTC on 19th June, 2021