LuckyBackup : Small and Fast Backup Software for Linux

Backing up your files regularly is the best defense against data loss due to any reason including malware infection. This should be first and foremost strategy for any system administrator if they are trying to protect their systems against unexpected data loss scenarios.

While there are many backup tools available for Windows and Mac, there are not many backup tools that are discussed for the Linux users. While advanced Linux users already know of many backup tools, the new Linux users may benefit from an easy-to-use but powerful backup software called LuckyBackup.

LuckyBackup is an application that can backup your files from one location to another. It can also synchronize the contents of two folders easily using another powerful tool called rsync. We can even say that it provides a convenient GUI for the command line tool rsync.

LuckyBackup is available mainly for Linux but there are ports for macOS and Windows too. It supports all the popular distributions of Linux such as Ubunutu, Redhat, Fedora, Debian, CentOS, OpenSuse, and more. It can be installed directly by downloading the installer package. We installed it on Elementary Linux using the DEB package for Ubuntu since Elementary Linux is based on Ubuntu.


It has a well designed user interface that allows you to create and execute backup tasks easily. We can add, delete or modify the backup tasks. For each of the tasks, we have to provide a name, type, source and the destination folders. We can also add advanced options such as scheduling of the tasks.


As we create a new task, it shows the rsync command line that it is going to use to run that task. We can copy this command to the clipboard or we can simply click OK to save the task settings. As we run these tasks, everything is displayed in a small log window near the bottom of the LuckyBackup window.

LuckyBackup is a powerful backup solution for the Linux users. It packs so many features in a small package such as snapshots which creates multiple copies of the backups depending on the date and time of the source files. It is ideal for both the newbies as well as the advanced users.

You can download LuckyBackup from