Norton Password Manager : Free Password Manager for Firefox

Norton Password Manager is a highly secure password manager for Firefox web browser. It features an encrypted vault, contents of which are stored in the cloud. This encrypted vault is used to store all of your credentials, cards, notes and other things. The vault it self is password protected which cannot be reset in case you forget the password. It features a password generator using which you can create very strong passwords.

Norton Password Manager for Firefox is very useful for the people who do a lot of online shopping. They can save their delivery addresses, cards and other information. When you are checking out after picking all of your items on an online store, you can quickly fill in all the information using the Norton Password Manager.

Since it stores all the saved passwords, cards, addresses and notes inside the vault over the cloud, it is very easy to use the same stored credentials over many different devices. All you have to do is use Norton Password Manager on any device and sign-in using your Norton account. Of course, you have to unlock the vault before using it on a new device.

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager also comes with a strong password generator. Using this password generator we can create very strong passwords that are very difficult to crack. In the password generator, we can choose the length of the password from anywhere between 4 and 64. Other options include making the password to contain mixed case, letters, symbols and numerals.

Norton Password Manager

Norton Password Manager has a safety dashboard feature which checks your credentials for various problems. It can tell whether your passwords are weak and also if they have been part of some data leak. If you find any of these problems, you can quick change the passwords for those accounts by generating a very strong password.

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