How to Change Spotify Password when Logged in with Apple ID, Facebook or Google

So many web services and apps allow login with well known social networks and accounts such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and Apple ID. This is also true for the popular music streaming app Spotify. It is actually much easier to create a new account by logging in using these other accounts than creating a new Spotify account by entering email address and password.

But once you create a new Spotify account using Facebook, Google, or Apple ID, we cannot login using the password on another device. This is because such an account does not have any email address or password. In order to login to such a Spotify account using email and password, you have to first add them. Here is how:

  1. In your desktop web browser, visit and login using Facebook, Google or Apple ID.
  2. Once logged in, visit your user profile and click on Edit Profile. Alternatively, you can navigate to the “Edit Profile” section by visiting directly.
  3. Add your email address and click on Save Profile. You are going to receive message on this email address so add an email address that you can access easily.
  4. Visit Spotify password reset webpage at Enter your email address and click on the Send button. Change Spotify Password when Signed in with Facebook, Apple ID or Google
  5. Check the inbox for your email. In the password reset email message, click on the Reset password link. If you do not get the email message right away then wait for 10 minutes before repeating the step 4.Change Spotify Password when Signed in with Facebook, Apple ID or Google
  6. You will be taken to a usual password reset page, enter your new password twice and click on “Send” button. (Yes the button is labeled ‘Send’ for some reason).Change Spotify Password when Signed in with Facebook, Apple ID or Google
  7. Now you have email address and password ready to be used for logging in to your Spotify account.

As you can guess, steps 2 and 3 are only needed if you decided to hide your email address from Spotify when logging using Apple ID. Once you have added an email address and password to your Spotify account, you can login using the email/password credentials only. If you try to login using Apple ID or Facebook, it will show error no such account exists.