How to Add Existing Gmail account to Vivaldi Mail

Gmail is a free email account that we all get when we create a new Google account. And who does not have a Google account these days? Everyone who owns an Android smartphone, must have a Google account in order to make the most of the Android devices.

Now that Vivaldi web browser has an email client called Vivaldi Mail built inside it, we can add our Gmail accounts to Vivaldi Mail and check email messages from within there. Vivaldi Mail has made everything so easy that even a complete beginner can add Gmail accounts to Vivaldi Mail.

Here is how you can add an existing Gmail account to Vivaldi Mail:

  1. First of all enable Vivaldi Mail in the Vivaldi web browser.
  2. Click on the Mail icon in the side panel and then click on Add mail account.Add Gmail to Vivaldi Mail
  3. Enter your email address including the in the end and then click on Continue.Add Gmail to Vivaldi Mail
  4. When asked to login, select Use OAuth method of login to your Gmail account. It is way easier than the usual password method.Add Gmail to Vivaldi Mail
  5. You will be shown the usual steps to login to your Gmail account including entering your password and any codes if you have enabled two-factor authentication (2FA). You have to give permission to allow Vivaldi to read, compose, send and permanently delete email from your Gmail account.Add Gmail to Vivaldi Mail
  6. When you have finished all the login steps, you will be shown a success message. Now you have to enter your signature that appears near the end of all email messages sent by you and you are all set.Add Gmail to Vivaldi Mail
  7. You can open Vivaldi Mail anytime you want  by launching Vivaldi web browser and then clicking on the Vivaldi Mail icon in the left side panel.Add Gmail to Vivaldi Mail

So this is how easy it is to add your existing Gmail account to the new Vivaldi Mail that is now part of the Vivaldi web browser. If you have not already installed Vivaldi browser, then you can install it from