Sigma File Manager : Open-Source File Manager for PC

Even though Windows File Explorer offers all the needed features and functions that any user may desire, it is sometimes much easier to carry out some file operations in other third-party file explorers such as Sigma File Manager. It is a file explorer that focuses not only on the features but also on the aesthetics.

Sigma File Manager comes with a very fast file searching function. We can type the name of the files that we are searching and it will show the results in a flash. We do not have to type in the full name or path of the file, it can search the files even through partial names. What is more, it can search for files even in case of user typos. For example, if you search for Firefo it will still find out Firefox.exe for you.

Sigma File Manager has a tabbed user interface. This helps the user when we are working with multiple folders. We can open many locations under multiple tabs. We can even create a group or set of tabs and switch to them using hotkeys.

Sigma File Manager

Sigma File Manager features a large number of breathtaking background wallpapers. The default image used is a Japanese painting with futuristic palanquin. But you can click on the small “refresh” icon on the home page to change to a different image. There are still images and then there are animated background. To enjoy the animated backgrounds in their full glory, you have to switch to the full-screen mode.

In addition to the simple search for files, Sigma File Manager offers many other functions, such as creating notes, a file filter or tabs to quickly switch between different searches and functions of the tool. One of such feature is called “file protection”. Using this feature we can prevent files from any changes, renaming, moving, deleting etc.

You can download Sigma File Manager from