How to Fix Spotify App Stuck at “Logging in” Screen

Has it ever happened to you that you log out of your Spotify account on your phone and then try to sign-in again, only to find that that the Spotify app has been stuck on the “logging in” screen. This happens right after you enter your email address and password at the login screen. It has nothing to do with the internet connectivity but with the app itself because you can use all the other apps without any problem.

These type of problems usually arise because of the app cache and other data stored on your phone’s storage that belongs to some other Spotify account. It can also happen because the corruption of the data belong to the Spotify app.

Spotify Stuck on "Logging in" Screen

In either case, we can fix this problem in the following manner:

  1. Open Android settings and tap on Apps.  In some Android versions it could be labeled Apps Settings.
  2. Locate the Spotify app in the list of all the installed apps and then tap on it.Spotify Stuck on "Logging in" Screen
  3. In the Spotify app settings, tap on Storage and Cache and then choose to clear the data, storage and cache.
  4. Back on the Spotify app settings, tap on Uninstall to remove it from your Android phone.
  5. Turn your Android phone off, wait for a couple of minutes and then turn it back on.Spotify Stuck on "Logging in" Screen
  6. Open Google Play store, look for “Spotify” and then install the Spotify app.

After completing these steps, try logging in to your Skype account through the freshly installed Skype app. This time you should not face any problems. These type of the problems usually arise because of the app cache and data corruption. It could also be a result of an outdated version of the Spotify app. This is why these steps work on all the devices and fix this sort of problem easily.