How to Remove User Profile Icon from Vivaldi Browser

All the modern web browsers these days come with the ability to use multiple user profiles. This is not only useful for actual multiple users (such as you, your family members or friends) but also for using the same browser for various settings (such as a profile for online shopping, another profile for gaming, yet another for social networking and so on).

Vivaldi web browser also supports multiple user profiles. You can create many of these user profiles and switch from one to another using the user profile icon in the Vivaldi browser window. You can click on this icon and more options will appear. But what if you do not use these profiles and are happy with just a single user profile? In this case the user profile icon is just a waste of space on the address bar and should ideally be removed.

Remove User Profile Button from Vivaldi

Here is how you can remove the user profile icon from the Vivaldi browser window:

  1. Launch Vivaldi browser and press the hotkey Ctrl+F12. Alternatively, you can also click on the Vivaldi icon in the top-left corner of the Vivaldi window, pull down the menu and select Settings from there.
  2. In the settings window, select Address Bar from the left side list.
  3. Under the Profile management section, uncheck the checkbox labeled Show Profile Button.Remove User Profile Button from Vivaldi
  4. The user profile icon should disappear from the Vivaldi browser window.

So if you are using only one profile for all the web browsing, gaming, online shopping and other things, you can safely do away with the user profile icon that appears in the address bar of Vivaldi web browser. And if at any later time, you realize that you do want to use more than one user profiles then you can retrace the same exact steps and enable the “Show profile button” checkbox once again.