Take Small Breaks in Vivaldi Browser with Break Mode

Vivaldi web browser brings new features with each of the updates. There is a new feature in Vivaldi that makes it very easy for the users to take breaks in the middle of working or browsing. This feature is called the Break Mode and is very useful for the people working from home during the current pandemic situation.

People working from home have no sense of time and can exhaust themselves working for many hours at a stretch. This is where Vivaldi break mode can be very helpful. By entering the break mode in Vivaldi browser, you can unplug from everything online for a few minutes and relax.

There are two ways of enabling the Break Mode in the Vivaldi web browser. One method is by clicking on the Pause icon in the status bar of the Vivaldi web browser. This will instantly unplug you from the internet, turn off all the tabs and change their content to “Paused” status.

Vivaldi Break Mode

Another way of enabling the break mode in the Vivaldi browser is through a hotkey Ctrl + . (press full stop or dot key while holding  Ctrl). This is quicker method compared to clicking on the pause button in the status bar of the Vivaldi browser but the result is the same.

So what do we do when we want to return back to the work mode? We can click on the pause icon in the status bar once again. Alternatively, we can use the Ctrl + . hotkey again. Both methods turn off the break mode and take you back to the work mode.

Vivaldi Break Mode

Break mode is great for taking some time off the work and relax. You can make coffee, take a quick walk outside in the nature, talk to your family members, take a nap or do something creative. When you come back, you will find Vivaldi is waiting for you just like before.