Make New Tab Page Look Cute with Tabby Cat for Chrome

Pets have this remarkable ability to absorb all of your anxiety and tension. Everyone knows how cute kittens can make you smile in no time. This is why so many people keep the pictures of their pets on their work desk. Some people even make their pet pictures their computer desktop wallpaper or the smartphone backgrounds. It is no surprise that so many people share the pictures of their cats and dogs on social networks such as Twitter and Instagram.

And now with the help of the Tabby Cat extension for Chrome, you can brighten up our day with a new animated pet in each of the new tabs. After installing this extension in the Chrome web browser, whenever you open a new tab, it shows a pet with different variations such as different background, different color and so on. You can keep opening new tabs to find a new cute pet.

Tabby Cat for Chrome

By default, as you can guess, it shows a pet cat. However, it gives you a choice of many other pet animals – Tabby Cat, Lil Doggo, Tuxedo Birb, Wild Kitty, Bear Cub, Tortoise, Classic Doggo, Chicken Birb, Squishy Seal, Bunny Rabbit, and the Tubby Piggy. The one you select from the list of the pets will be set as the pet that would be displaying in the new tab.

When you open the new tab, you will see the pet but you will also find some goodies for them such as a hat. You can also buy gifts for your pets if you want. In fact, some baby pets come out from hiding only when you have toys for them to play with. You can take screenshot of your pets and share their pictures online via social networks.

You can get the Tabby Cat extension for the Chrome web browser from