RoundedTB : Make Windows Taskbar Corners Round

Windows has always had a taskbar which usually is found near the bottom edge of your computer screen. The taskbar contains all the open tasks, applications and windows. We can easily find various open windows from the taskbar. We can switch our focus from one task to another using this taskbar. We can also have shortcuts and some tools in this taskbar for very quick access.

In the older versions of Windows, taskbar was a big grey flat bar but in the newer versions they have made it transparent. But nevertheless, the taskbar has retained its rectangular shape all these decades. Now with the help of a free Windows tool called RoundedTB, you can round off your taskbar. This tool can make the corners of the taskbar round and can also add margin to the taskbar.

Even though RoundedTB changes the shape of the taskbar, the functionality of your taskbar remains the same as before. The only advantage we have after running RoundedTB on our Windows computer is that the taskbar looks much prettier with round corners.


As soon as you have launched the RoundedTB tool, you will be shown a small window where you can determine the margin and the corner radius for the tasbar. You can enter the desired pixel values ​​and click on the Apply button. This will instantly make your taskbar have  rounded off corners. The developer suggests that we should start with 2 margin and 6 corner radius and then we can experiment with more values.


RoundedTB is compatible with desktop enhancement software and taskbar mods such as Translucent TB. It does not interfere with any of the other software and has a minimal memory requirement. Whenever you want to have the regular taskbar back, you can right-click on RoundedTB icon in the notification area and choose to close it.

You can download RoundedTB from