Open Corrupt PDF Files Quickly with Corrupt PDF Viewer

PDF files, just  like any other files stored on your hard drive, are susceptible to corruption and damage. There are so many reasons because of which the PDF files can become corrupt. For example, power failure can cause your desktop computer to shutdown before the operating system could finalize the changes made to the file system which may end up resulting data corruption.

If your PDF files have become corrupt for any reason, they can still be viewed or opened using a freeware tool called Corrupt PDF Viewer. It is a small tool that enables users to open and view damaged PDF files on Windows instantly. It is available in both installer and portable version.

When launched it opens up like any other PDF viewer. In its toolbar we have all the icons including the ones for opening files and saving them. In order to view a corrupt PDF file, we can click on the “Open” icon in its toolbar and then select the corrupt PDF file. The portable version of Corrupt PDF Viewer comes with a sample corrupt PDF named corrupt-sample.pdf. If you do not have any corrupt files, then you can try this one to check the software and to see how everything works.

Corrupt PDF Viewer

From the toolbar, we can find many other tools such as saving the the content of corrupt PDF to a new undamaged PDF file, which is compatible with all the other PDF readers or web browsers. Similarly, we can also use Corrupt PDF Viewer to export PDF pages from corrupt PDF to images. We can also send the opened PDF file to a connected printer.

Corrupt PDF Viewer

The same developers have another similar tool called  PDF Fixer but that tool is used only for repairing the corrupt PDF files and cannot be used to view them. This new tool, Corrupt PDF Viewer, has an added advantage that it can be used to view the corrupt PDF files right away.

Corrupt PDF Viewer is really useful tool to have when handling PDF files regularly. If any of your PDF files have become corrupt, you can view and repair them using this freeware tool in seconds.

You can download Corrupt PDF Viewer from