uView Player: Watch Offline or Online Videos While Working

When working on my PC, I always enjoy listening to music on Spotify, radio shows on online radio stations or watching videos on a number of online streaming sites. This is not only very entertaining but also keeps me informed of the latest events in the news. Some radio stations such as NPR are always having discussions about the current world events with the experts.

An open-source media player called uView Player helps me do all of these without having to leave my programming or blogging  work. What uView Player does is that it stays on the top of all the other windows while playing all those videos whether they are offline or online. We can resize uView Player window into a smaller window and drag it into a corner of the screen. This is called the PIP (picture in picture mode) where we can keep working on other things while still enjoying the videos in a PIP mode smaller window.

uView Player

uView Player supports a large number of online streaming sites  which covers both the video and the music streaming sites. When you want to play the video from a supported site, you can copy and paste that videos URL into uView Player window and it will start playing that video in the PIP video player mode. We can double-click on it to view the video in the full-screen mode.

uView Player

As if that is not enough, it comes associates itself with all the known video files on your local hard drive After this, you can just double-click on any of the video files and watch them using the uView Player. It also watches for any of the URLs in the clipboard and when a supported streaming site is detected, it automatically starts playing he video from that URL. It is compatible with Netflix, Hulu, Disney, Twitch, Facebook Gaming, Amazon Prime Video and more.

You can download uView Player from https://www.idruf.com/.