Search for Similar Images with RevEye for Firefox

Almost all the major search engines in the world now have a “search by image” feature. This feature can be used for reverse image search, which means that you have an image and you want to find out more details about it. In the search results of a typical reverse image search, you may find where on the internet that image can be found, when was it published, what is the description of that image, what other resolutions of the image are available, and so on. It also finds out any similar looking images.

For running a reverse image search on an image that is present on your local hard drive or is available through a URL on the internet, you have to visit the search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Then you have to switch to the reverse image search section and enter the image URL. But now you can save all these steps and just right-click on an image to search about it using the RevEye extension for Firefox. The same extension is also available for the Chrome browser too.

RevEye for Firefox

After installing the RevEye extension in Firefox, you won’t notice anything different. All it does is add a context-menu which appears when you right-click on an image on the internet. So now you can visit any website and right-click on any picture and then select Reverse Image Search. From the sub-menu, you can choose which of the search engine is to be used – Google, Bing, Yandex or TinEye. You can also choose to use All the search engines. This will open the searches in new tabs and you can find the results from there.

As you can probably guess, this method does not work with locally stored images. The image has to be online and accessible to everyone before it can be used for searching through RevEye. If you have a local image, then you have to follow the manual image search route by visiting that search engine manually. Another longer way is to first upload your image to social networks like Twitter or Instagram and then use RevEye on it from there.

RevEye is a great tool to find out fake profile pictures. Suppose someone sends you a very nice message on Instagram, how would you tell it is a sock puppet account? You can use RevEye on their account profile pictures and find out who the picture really belongs to.

You can get RevEye extension for Firefox browser from