Make Windows 10 Search Look Prettier with BeautySearch

Windows 10 Search can be invoked either from the Start menu or from its shortcut in the Taskbar. Even if you are fully satisfied with the Windows Search, you can still make it look prettier using an open-source tool called BeautySearch.

It is a small tool that gives you many options for Windows Search that are not usually available to the Windows 10 users. As you launch BeautySearch, it offers a long list of options to be picked. You can select these options or leave them selected as default and just click on the Install button. It will be installed for your Windows user profile. Uninstalling is also just as easy in which case you have to launch the original installed file (BeautySearch.exe) and then choose to Uninstall it.


Among the various options available through BeautySearch , we can show the accent color in the search window, show the search results in the dark theme, enable the system theme, use dark theme acrylic sidebar, remote background from UWP application icons, add shadows to context menus, make context menu’s corners rounded, add acrylic effects to context menus, hide context menu’s borders, hide button outlines when using the mouse, and more. It even has some tweaks meant for specific versions of Windows 10 such as 19H2 or 20H1.


For Windows 10 users who regularly use Windows Search but find it a bit boring, they can fine tune Windows Search and make it look prettier with the help of BeautySearch. This tool is really very easy to install, update or uninstall. In the case of something going wrong, the developers give full instructions on how to manually remove it from the system. We used it on a Windows 10 20H2 system and it had no impact on the system performance or the system resources.

You can download BeautySearch from