Hard Disk Sentinel Monitors Storage Devices for Health and Integrity

Hard Disk Sentinel is a monitoring software for all sorts of storage devices. It can work with hard disk drives (HDD), solid state drives (SSD), and solid state hybrid drives (SSHD). These storage devices are known to be used for installing the operating system and store important files or keeping their backups.

But all storage devices are prone to failure owing to many reasons such as wear after long term use, physical damage or manufacturing defects. With the help of SMART and others sensors available inside a storage device, Hard Disk Sentinel can tell you whether storage device is about to fail. When such a warning is issued, you should quickly backup your data and switch to a brand new drive. This way you can avoid any data loss or system failure easily.

Hard Disk Sentinel also displays the overall health status for any hard disk drive along with its current temperature. The temperature is displayed both in the Hard Disk Sentinel window and the notification area of Windows desktop. We can keep an eye on this temperature and prevent it from going too high. A abnormally high drive temperature means that the cooling in your PC is not working and you can take appropriate actions.

Hard Disk Sentinel

It can also run benchmarks on your storage drives regularly to see whether the hard disk drives  are working properly or not. It can work with both the internal and external drives. All the reports can be exported to TML or TXT files for complete analysis. These reports contain information not only about your storage drives but also about your system.

Hard Disk Sentinel is available in trial version for everyone. This version works exactly the same as the full version but lacks some features which are locked. These features can be unlocked by registering it using a paid license key.

You can download Hard Disk Sentinel from https://www.hdsentinel.com/.