How to Create Birthday Greetings Cards with Photo and Name

Earlier today I wanted to send a birthday gift to one of my dearest friends Julie. She lives in a different state and because of pandemic restrictions, I could not personally visit her. So I decided to buy a birthday present online and asked the seller to include a greeting card.

Fortunately the seller was very kind and pointed me to a web site where I can custom design a birthday greeting card that includes a custom photograph of the person and their name. Here is how I created the birthday greeting card, printed it and sent if off in seconds:

  1. Visit in your desktop web browser. I recommend Google Chrome because that worked for me and I had no problem.
  2. Choose one of the hundreds of photo frames from that website which will take you to the design page.
  3. On the birthday greetings card design page for your selected photo frame, click on the Choose Photo button and upload your friend’s portrait picture showing full face. Select the uploaded picture from the list and it will soon appear in the photo frame. You can rotate, adjust and zoom the photo too.Create Happy Birthday Cards
  4. Now type in your friend’s name in the textbox placeholder for Name.
  5. Click on the Save Photo button to save the photoframe which will take you to a different webpage.
  6. Click on the Download button to download the photo in the PNG image file format.Create Happy Birthday Cards

Now that you have downloaded a PNG image file, you can edit it if you want using an image editor like which you can download from But now you can share this beautiful greetings card with your friends over social networks or print it and send it using courier. You can put a printed copy of these greetings cards inside the gift box too.