How to Remove Payment Methods from Google Account

When you click on the “Join” button on a Youtube channel to pay monthly subscription, you have to use a debit card or credit card to make the payments. There are more payment methods available depending on where you live in the world. These payment methods are added to your Google account so that you can use them conveniently at a later time. But if you do not want all these payment methods or want to remove some of the old and expired payment methods, then you can do so very easily from your Google account settings.

Here is how you can quickly remove your previously added payment methods from your Google account:

  1. In your desktop web browser, visit
  2. Login to your Google account if it is required. If you have previously logged in to your Google account in that web browser, then it won’t ask you to login again.
  3. Select Payments & Subscriptions from the left side menu. On smaller screen, this appears on the top.Remove Payment Methods from Google Account
  4. From under the Payments methods category, click on Manage payment methods.Remove Payment Methods from Google Account
  5. You will find all the payment methods listed on the next screen. For example, if you have used a credit card before, then it will be shown here. In order to remove a payment method, click on Remove next to it.Remove Payment Methods from Google Account
  6. It is going to ask you for confirmation, click on the Remove button once again and your payment method will be finally removed. If you want to remove more payment methods, then keep repeating these steps.Remove Payment Methods from Google Account

If you want to add a new payment method, then you can simply try purchasing one or more of the Google services such as Youtube Premium. As soon as you use a new payment method, it will be added to your Google account for later use.