How to Fix “Can’t Update Chrome” on Windows 10

After almost two years when I started my old Windows 10 PC, it worked smoothly just like before. But when I launched the Google Chrome web browser, it came up with a strange error “Can’t Update Chrome”. This error means that Chrome can no longer with updated using the Google’s automatic updates service.

This is because the automatic Google Chrome updates do not work if you have a very old version of the Chrome browser installed. This is usually the case when you are using a Windows PC after many months or after many years.

Cannt Update Chrome

When this error pops up, you can quickly fix it using the following steps:

  1. Visit the Google Chrome web browser site in your Chrome browser at
  2. Download the installer file ChromeSetup.exe and launch it to begin the installation. It will download the required installation files and copy them to your system as needed.Cannt Update Chrome
  3. When the installation is finished, you can launch Google Chrome once again. This time you will be using an updated version. You can check the version of Chrome by visiting chrome://settings/help.Cannt Update Chrome

After you have taken these steps, the automatic updates in the Google Chrome web browser will start to work once again. If you keep using your PC at least once every month, your PC will continue to receive updates.

If you want to avoid this type of errors, then you can get in the habit of using your Windows PC at least once every few weeks. One another way to fix this problem is to use Ninite. You have to visit Ninite website and choose all the web browsers that you want to update or install, then download a custom installer and using this installer you can update all the software on your Windows 10 PC. This is a great way to update all the software at once in a few minutes.