How to Run Microsoft Windows 11 in a Web Browser

Microsoft announced the launch of Windows 11 last month and ever since then people are showing so much excitement about this new operating system. Even though Microsoft has already made a pre-release version of Windows 11 available to the Microsoft Insider program members, it is not recommended for everyone.

So what you are going to do if you just want to have a taste of the new Windows 11? Someone else also thought along the same lines and has produced a JavaScript based Windows 11 simulation that we can access from any modern web browser.

The developer claims that they have used only React libraries (for JavaScript) for creating this Windows 11 simulation. They have also used some open-source fonts and icons. The resulting simulation looks just like the original Windows 11 desktop screen.

Run Windows 11 in Browser

In order to use Microsoft Windows 11 (simulation) in your web browser, you can simply navigate to You will instantly find yourself in the middle of Windows 11 desktop with a few tools such as GitHub and Unescape installed.

Even though this desktop mimic the original Windows 11 desktop screen, not everything is functional in the simulation. There are only a few things that you can do in it. For example, you can open the Start menu, launch command prompt (terminal), Calculator and Notepad. We tried terminal (cmd.exe) but it shows error for some of the very basic commands such as ECHO.

Run Windows 11 in Browser

Good thing is that the developers has put the project on GitHub under creative commons license. You can download the whole project and make changes to it as you like. Then you can upload it to your own website and enjoy the Windows 11 simulation from your web browser. And why not? It is so much fun to use a brand new operating system from within any web browser.

You can visit to download the source code of this project.