Ksnip : Free Tool to Capture and Annotate Screenshots

Capturing a screen shot using a Windows PC is very easy. All you have to do is use the PrintScreen key and it copies the contents of the screen to the clipboard. Then you can simply paste the contents to any image editor such as Microsoft Paint.

But using a free tool Ksnip, you can make the task even easier. This screen capturing tool is open-source and works on many platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS. It makes the screen capture task as easy as clicking the mouse buttons.

Ksnip comes as a portable application. You can download the ZIP archive containing Ksnip and extract its contents in any folder. When you launch Ksnip from there (by double-clicking on Ksnip.exe), it places an icon in the notification area. You can right-click on this icon and get access to all sorts of screen capture options. You can capture rectangular area, repeat last rectangular area, full screen on all monitors, current screen or the active window. All of these tasks  can also be accessed using hotkeys.


After creating the screenshot, the tool also offers its basic image editor. This image editor is very simple and has all the tools needed for annotating the screenshot. It can be used to add text, arrows, numbers, and even emojis on the screenshot. The image can also be cropped, scaled, rotated and resized. We can also add effects such as blurring, pixelating, dropping-shadow, greyscaling,  The screenshot can be saved as PNG, GIF or JPG image files.


Ksnip is a complete screen capturing package that can fulfill the needs of everyday users. It is a great tool when you are capturing the screen for tutorials or for blogging. It provides all the annotation tools that one would desire from a screenshot software. Another advantage is that it works on all the popular platforms.

You can download Ksnip from https://github.com/ksnip/ksnip.


  1. I downloaded. Said vcruntime140.dll missing. I searched and installed vcredistx64. Then it said msvpc140.dll missing . search and found to install vcredist.

    I am confused.

    Minor bug: both warnings appear twice, really annoying.

    I am confused

      1. Thanks.
        Wouldn’t it be good to tell the developer about ‘missing warning’ twice?
        I would do that myself if I had a git account.

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