Reaction Time Measurement : Calculate Your Reaction Speed

Reaction Time Measurement is a small tool for the measurement of the time it takes for a user to see a visual stimulus and react on that stimuli by making an action with the mouse. It will display something on your screen and then you have to click using your mouse. The time difference is then calculated between the two events.

It is a tool that can be used for psychophysical laboratory experiments. We can divide the test subjects in various groups and perform the experiments on them. We can observe how much time it takes for an ordinary person to react on a visual stimuli. By making the measurements, we can find out which group is responding faster and which group is responding very slow. There can be a further investigation about why one person responds so fast and another person responds so slow.

Reaction Time Measurement

In the Reaction Time Measurement, there are multiple tabs – experiment, data, options and about. Under the experiment tab, you get to experiment with the visual stimuli and the reaction time. It gives instruction on the screen like press left button, press right button when a circle is shown and you will be shown the milliseconds difference between the events.

Under the data tab, you can find the observations made. It displays the number of measurements, the stimulus and the 2nd button timings. You can copy of all of this data to the clipboard. For a single experiment, it makes the subject go through 30 measurements.

In the options section, we can change the number of measurements per experiment. We can display virtual mouse buttons to be used on the screen. We can also change the random delay time between the left-click and the visual stimulus (circle).

Reaction Time Measurement

Reaction Time Measurement is available for Windows, macoS, Linux and Android. It is an open-source software and you can modify it if you want using the available source code.

You can download Reaction Time Measurement from