AutoOff : Schedule Tasks & Auto-Shutdown Windows

AutoOff is a useful Windows utility using which we can schedule various tasks in Windows. It can be configured to automatically shutdown, lock or restart Windows. It can also automatically turn off/on the computer screen.

The program comes in form of a small installer package. During the installation we have the choice to make it auto-start with Windows so that it can resume all the scheduled tasks. After the installation it stays in the notification area of Windows desktop.

We can right-click on this notification area icon and see a full menu from where we can choose a number of functions. We can shutdown, restart, sleep, or lock Windows. We can also turn off the computer display. Then there are options to schedule various tasks. The notification area icon can also display all of the statistics for today – total run tasks, scheduled tasks, usage time and run count and more.


When we choose to schedule a task, we can choose the task from a number of pre-configured ones such as shutdown Windows, restart Windows, Put the computer to sleep, Turn off the display, Turn on the display, Lock Windows, Show an alarm message, Run a program, Terminate a program etc.


These tasks can be scheduled to be executed only once or for repeated number times. For example, we can configure it to run Windows Notepad at 3 PM everyday or launch a website in the default web browser every week. The schedule frequency can later be modified if necessary.

The AutoOff window can be displayed on your computer screen which displays the scheduled tasks, time remaining in running the next scheduled task and various other options. This small window can be customized and you can change its background color.


Because your Windows PC could be in use by other family members and you may not want then to run your tasks or schedule any new tasks. For this reason, AutoOff provides password protection. You can lock AutoOff from being accessed with the help of a password. You should use an easy-to-remember and strong password for your protection.

You can download AutoOff from

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  1. I had in my moto basic phone in 2008. which allowed auto off at 8pm and auto restart at 8 am next morning.
    You search for new softwares all the time , did you come across anything like it, both for windows and android

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