QtPass : GPG Based Password Manager for Windows

If you have important files then you should protect them in many different ways. One way to protect your files is to make a backup on a cloud storage account so that you can have them in case the local copies get damaged or deleted. A second way is to password protecting them so that others cannot access them without your permission.

QtPass is a password manager which can both create and store existing passwords. Using this program we can generate highly secure password for protecting your files and folders. This open-source program leverages other two powerful software – GnuGP and Pass. GnuPG is also called GPG in short and can be used to create very secure public and private key pairs. The Pass is the standard password manager for Linux systems and depends on GPG. For both GPG and Pass, there are Windows ports available which must be installed before using QtPass.


After you have installed GPG4Win and Pass4Win, you can launch QtPass. The first step would be create a keypair which might take a long time depending on your computer hardware. After this you can use the generated keys to secure your information.

An alternative is to use Pass (if Pass4Win has been installed and configured) which is much easier to use and as strong as the direct GPG use. In either case, you will be adding passwords and using them to encrypt files and folders or even some other information. You can store your online account passwords in this password manager too.


Since it depends on the GPG key pair, you have to be careful not to lose these keys. In case you lose your GPG keys, you will never be able to retrieve your previously stored passwords from QtPass. It is an excellent password manager but is not really meant for the beginners.

You can download QtPass from https://ijhack.org/project/qtpass.