Create and Print Barcodes with Free 1D Barcode Generator

Free 1D Barcode Generator is a handy and portable application to quickly create barcodes of many different types. It is a Windows application and can be launched without any installation. Using this one application we can create many different kinds of barcodes for all our needs and save them in the BMP image format.

The Free 1D Barcode Generator has a very easy-to-follow user interface. On the top, the first thing you will see is a drop-down list from which you can select the type of barcode that you want to create. It is a very long list and consists of barcodes that you may not even use. For example, it consists of JapanPost barcodes which only Japanese official mail service uses.

For changing the barcode data, you have to change the properties of the barcode. In the properties, we have to set the “Barcode” value to anything permissible for that barcode type. Among other properties allowed by Free 1D Barcode Generator are module levels (higher level increases the size of the barcode), height, width, margins, stretch, bar color, background color, spacing, font, orientation (vertical or horizontal), and more.

Free 1D Barcode Generator

If you are not happy with the barcode, then you can clear it and redraw it or start all over again. The barcode can be copied to the clipboard and saved to a local storage drive in the BMP image format. The saved BMP image is of very high resolution and can also be printed using a connected printer.

If you want to print barcodes or include them in your documents, then you do not have to install any special fonts. You do not even have to install any special software on your PC. All you need is Free 1D Barcode Generator which is portable and can be run without installing anything. It is a single EXE file program and can even be launched from an external USB drive.

You can download Free 1D Barcode Generator from