Epic Games Store Giveaway : Sheltered

This week Epic Games store is giving away another game called “Sheltered”. It is a survival management game where you have to take care of your family members in a post-apocalyptic world.

Sheltered takes you to a time where the whole world has collapsed after an apocalyptic event. Everyone is running away from the dangerous situation and seeking shelter anywhere they can find. You have discovered an old and abandoned bomb shelter that someone had built decades ago but never used it.

Now you have found this shelter, you still have to manage the everyday events that happen in and around this shelter. A number of challenges arise and many hostile elements arrive. You have to handle the situation cleverly keeping your family safe and sound.


Even though the shelter provides you protection from weather and wild animals, you still have to deal with basic necessities of life – food, water and medical supplies. For these needs, you have to venture outside the shelter and there you face many dangers. You may encounter wild animals like bears and you have to defend yourself as well as your family members. You may end up in the vicinity of robbers and you have to either hide or fight back.

In addition, you have to think of long term stay at the abandoned shelter. You have to maintain its facilities and keep them in working conditions. You have to keep it clean and make it look habitable. And above everything else, you have to keep the shelter secure at all the times.

You can claim your free copy of this survival game “Sheltered” by visiting https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/sheltered and clicking on the Get button. This will lead you to the checkout page where you can proceed without paying anything (because it is a giveaway). The game can then be installed using the Epic Games client for your computer.