Grover Podcast : Podcast Listening App for Windows

It is very hard to imagine what people did to pass their spare time before the invention of the radios. Perhaps they read books and read newspapers all the time. But as soon as radio came, everyone had their favorite pastime to gather around the radio receivers and listen to great radio shows. There used to be so many popular radio shows in the old times such as Our Miss Brooks, The Jack Benny Show, Father Knows Best and more.

Now-a-days listening to the shows has taken a new form called podcasts. Instead of the radio receivers, all we need is internet and a podcast app to listen to our favorite podcasts. There are already hundreds of podcast apps that we can use to find and listen to podcasts and music. For example, Spotify and Apple Music also feature some of the most popular podcasts.

But if you want to try a third-party podcast app on your Windows 10 PC, then you can use Grover Podcast. This app offers a really nice user interface. It offers two different ways of adding the podcasts to your library. One simple way is by going through the extensive library of publicly available podcasts, search and find the one the podcasts that you want to listen to.

Grover Podcast

Another method offered by Grover Podcast is by manually adding the URL. This is specially for the podcasts that are not available through the inbuilt library of podcasts. You can copy paste the URL of the podcast and add your own podcasts manually. Once added, they also become available through Grover Podcast app.

All the added podcasts appear in your playlist as they become available. You can simply click the play button and it will start  playing the podcasts one by one in the order when they were released. Of course, you can change the order and play them by sorting them alphabetically or by their duration.

You can download Grover Podcast app from