How to Create QR Code of Webpages Vivaldi Browser

There are so many times that we are browsing something on our desktop PC or a notebook computer and then we want to open the same website on the mobile phone. This can be done easily by entering the URL if the URL of that website is small.  What if the URL itself is very long and contains all sorts of numbers and or special characters?

In those times, we can depend upon the new Vivaldi browser as it has a new QR generator. With the help of this QR generator feature we can create QR codes for any webpage that is currently open in Vivaldi.

Using this feature is extremely easy. All you have to do is open the website for which you want to generate the QR code in Vivaldi. Once that webpage has fully loaded, then you can right-click anywhere on that webpage (do not right-click on any elements such as links or images) and select Create QR Code for this page from the context-menu.

QR Code Vivaldi Browser

You will see a small QR code appear on Vivaldi window. This QR code contains the code itself along with the URL and options to copy the QR code to the clipboard or save it to your local storage. The saved file is in the PNG file format and has a picture dimensions of 370×370 pixels. This picture does not contain anything like the URL – only the QR code without any borders.

QR Code Vivaldi Browser

If you want to scan this QR code using your mobile phone then you have to install a QR code scanner app first. There are many such apps available for both the Android and iOS based devices. Some of the smartphones have a QR code scanner built inside the camera menu. You can search for these QR code scanner apps on Google Play store or Apple App store.

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