Play Vivaldia : Free Game Built Inside the Vivaldi Browser

Vivaldi web browser definitely tops the list when it comes to coming up with new and unique features. These features are very unique and usually not present in any of the other competing browsers. Now Vivaldi browser has a new fun feature called Vivaldia.

Vivaldia is actually a game built inside the Vivaldi web browser. You can play this game when you are getting bored, when you are feeling stressed and when you want to chill a little. This game is a designed in the fashion of old arcade games from the early 1990s or later 1980s.

The story behind the game is also very interesting. Our protagonist Vivaldia wakes up one day to find out that evil machines have take over. So she fights with all her strength and brings those machines down even though the future looks bleak and hopeless. The world is going to be free once again, thanks to our brave hero Vivaldia. One can clearly draw some remote resemblance between this game and the browser wars before Vivaldi entered the scene.

Vivaldia Game

In order to play this game, all you have to do is update to the latest version of the Vivaldi browser and then enter vivaldi://game in the address bar of Vivaldi. You will be presented with the starting screen of Vivaldia. This screen shows you all the keyboard controls that are available. Basically you have to use the spacebar to start the game, use the arrow keys for the movement, and the N, M, N+M keys for the attack. You can also toggle the music and the game sound if you don’t like it.

You can start playing Vivaldia simply by installing Vivaldi browser which you can download from It is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. Vivaldi browser comes preinstalled on the Cinnamon edition of the Manjaro Linux.

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