How to Generate Barcodes for Free Online in Any Browser

PosCatch Barcode Generator provides an easy way to generate barcodes of many different kinds. It is available in form of a web app which means that we do not have to install anything on our computers. We can simply visit the PosCatch Barcode Generator webpage and access the tool from there.

This online barcode generator has very simple user interface but contains all the options one would desire from a typical barcode generator app. First of all you have to enter the text data that you want to use as the source message for the barcode.

Right next to the text data, we have a drop-down list from which you can select the type of the barcode you need. There are so many different types of barcodes available – CODE 128 auto, CODE 128 A/B/C, EAN 13, EAN 8, UPC, CODE 39, ITF, ITF 14, MSI, MSI 10/11/1010/1110 and, Pharmacode.

Free Online Barcode Generator

These two are the only necessary things (text data and the type of barcode) for creating the actual barcode. But there are many more options provided by PosCatch Barcode Generator using which we can change the way the barcode graphic appears.

We can change the bar-width, height, margin, background, line color, whether to display the original text, how to align the original text, text margin and the font used for displaying the text. By default, it generates the standard black color barcodes over the white background. But we can change the background color as well as the barcode drawing color to make it appear as we like it.

After it has generated the barcode, it does not display any option to download the generated barcode. But we can always right-click on the barcode image and choose to download the image to our local hard drive. For me, it was a PNG image with dimensions 500×140 pixels but the dimensions may be different based on the options a user selects.

You can visit the PosCatch Barcode Generator at