Make Sites Look Warmer with Color Temperature for Chrome

Color Temperature (Change Lux) is an extension for Chrome web browser that can change the website colors to make them look warmer. The extension can track your local time and changes the sites to become warmer and warmer as the bright day turns into a dark night. When sites have warmer colors, it helps with the circadian rhythm of the human body. This way we can avoid ourselves from the excessive exposure from the blue light and as such keep from disrupting the natural sleep times for us.

Using the Color Temperature extension for the Chrome web browser is the easiest. After installing it on your Chrome browser, you can simply enable it by clicking on its icon in the toolbar. From the extension interface, we can also change the warm color used by adjusting its RGB values. We can also adjust the opacity of the color which can reduce the intensity of light coming from your screen.

Color Temperature (Change Lux) for Chrome

In the options for the Color Temperature extension,  we can enable or disable the hotkey for toggling the warm color effects. The hotkey for toggling the extension effects is Ctrl+Shift+Y.  There is another hotkey for adding the currently active website to a white list which is Ctrl+Shift+U. When a site is whitelisted, it will not be affected by the Color Temperature effects, i.e, it won’t be displayed using the warmer colors. Similarly, we can use a hotkey Ctrl+Shift+Z to remove sites from the white list so that they can be displayed using the warmer colors.

Color Temperature (Change Lux) for Chrome

The Color Temperature (Change Lux) for Chrome browser is really productive and immensely useful for the people who work late night in darker surroundings. It reduces the strain on the eyes and helps regulate the internal circadian cycle for the users.

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