Check Integrity of Windows 11 ISO Using SHA256 Hashes

So after downloading the Windows 11 ISO from the Microsoft’s website, what is the first thing that you would do? Perhaps you will create a boootable USB drive using this Windows 11 ISO and a tool like Rufus. Perhaps you will burn it to a blank DVD and then use the created DVD for the installation of Windows 11.

But before you can create any kind of the installation media such as USB drives or DVDs, you should first check for the integrity of the download ISO file. Even if there was a small problem when downloading the ISO disk image file, it can ruin the whole installation.

Fortunately, Microsoft offers an easy way to check for the integrity of the Windows 11 ISO disc images. Here is how it is done:

  1. Open Windows PowerShell by opening the folder containing the Windows 11 ISO file in the Windows File Explorer and then selecting File and then Open Windows PowerShell.
  2. In the PowerShell window, enter the following command:
    Get-FileHash D:\Windows11.ISO

    This command alone is enough, but if you want the output to be properly formatted then you can filter the output through Format-List like the following:

    Get-FileHash D:\Windows11.ISO | Format-List

    Assuming that the Windows 11 ISO file is located at D:\Windows11.ISO. You have to change this parameter according to where your Windows 11 ISO is saved.

  3. The PowerShell output will appear after a minute or so. Note down the SHA256 hash that is produced by PowerShell.Checking Windows 11 ISO Hashes
  4. Now open the Windows 11 ISO download webpage on Microsoft website
  5. Select the Windows 11 ISO for download, choose a language for the ISO and the proceed to click on the Download button. Since you are not really downloading, cancel the download.
  6. Click on Verify your download and you will see a big list of all the SHA256 hashes of all the Windows 11 ISO disk images available.Checking Windows 11 ISO Hashes
  7. Match the hash of the Windows 11 ISO for your language found in step 6 with that we found using PowerShell in step 3. If they match, then Windows 11 ISO is genuine and unmodified.

If the hashes do not match, then the Windows 11 ISO has been modified or damaged. You can try downloading  it all over again using a download manager like HTTP Downloader.