Store Everything in Permanent Clipboard for Chrome Browser

Whenever we have to repeat some piece of text from one place to another, we use the system clipboard. We first select the source text and then press the hotkey Ctrl+C. This copies the selected text to the clipboard. But the data in the clipboard will be overwritten by any new copy operation. This is due to the very nature of clipboard which allows for only one text data at a single time. If you copy something to the clipboard, it replaces any older data residing in the clipboard.

If you are a Chrome web browser user, then you can extend the storage capacity of your clipboard using the Permanent Clipboard extension. After you have installed this extension, you can keep anything in the extension clipboard forever.

It is easy to add new data to the Permanent Clipboard extension. You can click on its icon in the toolbar and then add new entries. You can add the new entries by manually entering the content or copying the content from the system clipboard. For each of these entries we can give a friendly name such as “Mary’s Phone Number”, “James’ office address”, “Julie’s home address” etc.

Permanent Clipboard

Now that you have added new entries into the Permanent Clipboard, you can use them anywhere inside the Chrome web browser. You have to right-click on the text box or any other input area where you want to paste something and then choose from the Paste sub-menu. You can select from the various entries to be pasted using their friendly names.

Permanent Clipboard

From the settings of the Permanent Clipboard we can choose whether the saved entries are to be used only locally or to be synced with other Chrome browsers installed by you and signed in using your account. You can also create a backup and read from the backup later on.

Permanent Clipboard

All in all, Permanent Clipboard for the Chrome web browser is a great way to save text snippets that you are going to use very frequently. It can enhance the capacity of the system clipboard and makes it very easy to paste the contents using smaller descriptive names.

You can get the Permanent Clipboard extension for the Chrome web browser from