Dism++ : Free GUI for DISM Command Line Utility

Dism is a Windows command line utility that can be used to work with the disk images such as WIM, ESD, VHD or VHDX. This utility comes built inside some of the versions of Windows. If you are using the latest version of Windows 10, then you already have dism command at your disposal. You can launch an administrator command prompt and give the dism command. This dism command has in-built help and you can view all the examples of various supported parameters using this help.

Even though dism has been designed to be very user friendly and it is very easy to learn about using this tool efficiently, some Windows users are not at all happy using a command line interface (CLI) tool. They want a graphical user interface (GUI) tool that they can control using a mouse or touchpad.


Dism++ is a freeware GUI frontend for the Windows’ CLI tool Dism. It makes it very easy to work with Dism and carry out various operations. You can use it mount an existing image, apply an image, save the loaded images and more. It also offer various conversion features and allows use to convert WIM images to ESD images, ESD images to WIM images, and ESD can also be converted into ISO.

Dism++ can be used to manage the installed apps, drivers, options features, updates, and also optimize the Windows system. These feature can be used to get rid of unwanted apps or features from Windows.

Using Dism++ we can also create a backup of the system and later restore from this backup. It has a feature for repairing boot problems and can repair BCD records. The images can also be run in WinRE mode too. It includes a tool to edit the hosts file entries.

Dism++ is a comprehensive tool that provides easy access to the powerful dism features. But I still consider it much easier to use the command line dism tool itself.

You can download Dism++ from https://www.chuyu.me/en/index.html.