Restore Deleted Files Quickly with UndeleteOnClick

UndeleteOnClick can be very helpful if you have accidentally deleted your files from any of your storage devices. It can restore files from your hard disk drive, solid state drives, USB pen drives, portable drives, removable storage, memory cards, SD cards, microSD cards, digital camera, mobile phone, M2, M1 and other types of storage media.

One problem with UndeleteOnClick is that it is not available in the portable version and must be installed. When installing, you can overwrite some of the files that you wanted to restore in the first place. So care must be taken when installing UndeleteOnClick and avoid installing on the drive from which you have to recover previously deleted files.

As you launch UndeleteOnClick, it will ask you to choose a drive that you wish to scan for any deleted files. You can choose one or more drives but if you choose many storage drives then it is going to take a much longer time to scan. You can also set filters for scan, for example, which paths to be excluded from the scan.


As it scans your selected storage drives, it will populate the list of files. You can select any of these found files from the list and choose to Undelete Selected. You will be asked for a destination and then it will copy the recovered files there. The destination should be on a drive from which you are not going to recover other deleted files. For example, if you are recovering files from C: drive and plan to recover files from D: drive in the future, then do not save the restored files anywhere on these drives. UndeleteOnClick can also display a preview for a few file types such as images.


UndeleteOnClick is a quick file recovery software and can recover recently deleted files in seconds. It supports both the NTFS and FAT file systems. But it does not guarantee that it can recover the full file as it was before. Some of the files could have a few bytes missing or altered depending on the computer activity after the files were deleted.

You can download UndeleteOnClick from