ElevenClock Displays Tray Clock on Multiple Monitors

Whether you are working on your computer or playing games on your PC, sometimes we have so many applications open that do not fit on a single monitor. This is when we need a multiple monitor configuration. For example, if we want to work with multiple graphics designers such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop, it is better to have two large monitors connected to your PC. Similarly, we can make use of multiple monitor configurations when working with software development, web designing, video editing, live-streaming and more.

Unfortunately, in the multiple monitor configuration mode, Windows does not display the clock on all the monitors. It displays the small system tray clock only on the primary monitor. The secondary, tertiary and other monitors do not have a clock in the taskbar. This is where an open-source software ElevenClock becomes useful.


ElevenClock is a useful application for Windows using which we can display the small clock in the taskbar of all the monitors connected to your PC. This clock looks exactly like the default system tray clock that appears on the primary monitor. But we can customize it a certain extent.

In the settings for ElevenClock, we can make it display seconds, date and time. It shows the date and time format as set in your system settings. We can change the date and time format using the Windows settings itself. We can force it to display the clock at the bottom of your screen, force the clock in white colored text, show the clock towards the left of the screen instead of the right-side of the screen. We can also hide the clock in the fullscreen mode and when the RDP client is active.


ElevenClock is a really useful application to have when you are using Windows on a multi-monitor configuration. With its help, we can have a taskbar clock on all the screens.

You can download ElevenClock from https://github.com/martinet101/ElevenClock.