Manage Fonts on PC and Mac with FontBase

FontBase is a font management software for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is provided completely free of cost by its developers. It can be used to view a complete list of all the fonts available on your computer. In addition, we can also remove existing fonts and activate newer fonts. The application does a thorough job and completely removes all the fonts from your system when you want to remove a certain font or a font family.

FontBase is designed using the Electron framework and this is why it works flawlessly across all the mainstream desktop platforms. In its user interface, we can find all the available fonts which includes – active fonts, inactive fonts, and fonts ready to be used. It uses online fonts as one of the providers of its fonts collection.

We can search for the new fonts using the top search box and it fetches the results from the available fonts. These fonts can then be downloaded and activated for your use. It offers a collection of more than 3000 fonts from which we can install newer fonts.


Apart from the online collections, we can also add our location collections of the fonts to its font library. For this, we can click on the “Add folder” button and then select a folder where you have copied all the fonts. Whether online or offline font collection, it uses fonts from them in a non-intrusive manner. It does not actually install fonts on your system, it just loads them in the memory when you activate the selected fonts. These fonts then become available to all the applications on your system.

FontBase has a very impressive user interface and it works smoothly on Windows 11. We can use it to quickly activate newer online fonts  on our system so that we can use them in various applications. We can make it auto-start with Windows so that it auto-loads those fonts as soon as your PC has started.

You can download FontBase from