Search for Files Quickly with Freeware FindOnClick

FindOnClick is one of the tools from the big set of the OnClick utilities. We can use it to find files on a Windows PC. It is lightweight and can search your entire drive in seconds. We can use a number of search parameters to narrow down our searches. For example, we can search using the file dates, file sizes, attributes and more. It also adds a context-menu item so that we can search easily just by right-clicking on a folder.

FindOnClick is a freeware but it is not a portable application. We have to install it on Windows PC before we can use it. There are some other similar file searching tools such as Everything which is being offered in portable packages too.

There are two ways of using FindOnClick –  one by right-clicking on a folder and selecting FindOnClick and the second by launching FindOnClick from its desktop shortcut. In both cases, you will be presented with the large options screen from which you have to customize your search. You can choose file types, file name filters, RegEx search, deep search, duplicate search, case sensitive search, exclusions and more. Further more, the search can be delimited by the file sizes, file creation dates, file attributes, and more.


When you proceed by clicking on the Search button, it displays the search results in a big list containing several columns. Each of these columns displays filenames, sizes, attributes, creation date, modification date,  and more. You can select the files and right-click on them to reveal many advanced features, such as calculation of MD5 hashes, SHA2 hashes, copy the hashes to the clipboard, copy the filenames to the clipboard, get MP3 ID3 metadata from MP3 audio files, export the selected files’ list to a text file, etc.


FindOnClick is certainly a much better search application than the one that comes with the operating system. It adds some of the most desired features such as hash calculation and export of search results. It does not consume many of the system resources and displays the search results in a flash.

You can download FindOnClick from