AutomaticDark for Firefox Switches Themes Automatically

Firefox now comes with not only a few themes but half a dozen of color schemes too. These color schemes are called ColorWays and we have discussed about them before. ColorWays were first introduced in the version 94 of the Firefox web browser.

Now Firefox browser users have so many choices for themes and colors. Which theme and which ColorWays scheme should they apply and when becomes a serious question. This is when an add-on automaticDark has come forward to take care of this question. This add-on can automatically pick a theme for you based on the time of the day.

After installation of the automaticDark add-on, we can head over to its options directly. In the options, we can select one theme or ColorWays from a list of all the installed themes and color schemes for day time and another for night time. It will then automatically set those themes at day or night times respectively.

automaticDark for Firefox

But how would it determine that it is day time or night time in your city? For that, there are three options. First, it can find the day/night status for your location using the internet but for that you will have to tell it your geo-location coordinates. Second, it can determine the time from your local computer time which might not be very much accurate. And third, you can manually set the times for day and night. For example, you can set 8 AM to be the start of day and 8 PM to be the start of the night.

automaticDark is a very add-on for the Firefox users who use their favorite web browser both in darker and brighter surroundings. By automatically changing the theme at night time to a darker theme, we can avoid having too much strain on our eyes.

You can get the automaticDark add-on for the Firefox web browser from