NORAD Tracks Santa 2021 : Where is Our Dear Santa Claus?

Like every year, NORAD (North-American Aerospace Defence) Command is tracking Santa’s chariot as Santa goes around distributing gifts, happiness and hope all over the world. NORAD uses a very clever technique to locate Santa’s Chariot even though Santa rides really very fast – in just a few hours he covers the whole world including all the cities. What NORAD scientists have figured out is that one of the reindeer (Rudolph) pulling the chariot has a red nose. Since Rudolph is in the lead pulling the chariot and his nose glows bright red, NORAD can spot the chariot using this bright red glowing nose from a long distance.

Thanks to the genius scientists and engineers working for NORAD, now we can see where Santa is located in real time. For this we have to open NORAD website in any web browser. It is said that NORAD works really good in the Google Chrome web browser.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2021

There are two views available showing the current location of our dear Santa Claus – a 2D world map and a 3D globe view. In the latter case, we can see Santa riding his chariot in all its glory. Reindeer are pulling the chariot and Santa is clearly looking worried if he is going to reach you in time. We can use the controls on the website to look at Santa from different directions.

In the 2D world map, we can see all the locations in the world that Santa has covered so far. Typically Santa starts from the east side of the entire world (Japan) and then starts covering all the places very fast. The map shows where Santa was seen the last time (as reported by the curious passers by), how many gifts he has delivered so far, and where he is heading next.

NORAD Tracks Santa 2021

You can reach NORAD over the traditional phone call and can also track Santa via their apps available for iPhone and Android. All the information is available on NORAD website at