Epic Games Store Giveaway : Action Game Prey

During the year end giveaway marathon of Epic Games store, they are giving away a very popular action, adventure game called Prey.  It is basically a FPS (first person shooter) game with many interesting concepts blended in to make it much more fun.

Prey has a very interesting story that takes you to a space station which is being controlled by alien elements. These aliens are very hostile and are now over-running the space station named Talos 1. You have to survive as these hostile entities hunt you down. You have to use all the tools that you can find on Talos and use your intelligence to escape their ever increasing attacks. Movie lovers will definitely find some similarity with the Alien series of movies where you have to survive in a similar manner.

What makes Prey both unpredictable and infinitely enjoyable is that it has basically an infinite number of scenarios. There are many many ways the game levels can be played. Each time you play it, you will find a variation with the enemies, weapons, and objectives.


While the campaigns are very engaging, the space station has been designed with great care and detail. Exploring the space station itself is so much fun. You will find many useful things for your campaigns and you will learn a great deal about the past of the space station Talos.

Prey was released in 2017 for the first time and it does require a above-average gaming computer for playing. As far as operating system is concerned, Prey can be played on older Windows 7 systems. But it must have a really good GPU such as AMD R9 290, more than 8 GB of RAM and Intel Core  i5 processor.

You can visit https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/p/prey in order to claim a free copy of this game. The giveaway will last only until 26th of December 2021.