Sharik : Share Files Easily Across a Local Network

When you are sharing files across a local network in your home or workplace, you either need to go through making several changes in the operating system and make the files shareable, or you can use a small file server through which files can be accessed from anywhere in the network.

Sharik does the latter and serves selected files over the local network which could be either a wired or a wireless network. So if you have two or more computers or smartphones connected to the same WiFi network, you can use Sharik to easily share files across all the devices.

Sharik is a portable and open-source software. It is available for Android, Linux and Windows. The user interface of the software is designed to be very easy. As you launch this software, you get two options – Send and Receive. For sending files, you have to click on the Send button.


This will bring up a new window with two more options – Files and Text. If you want to send files then select Files and choose the files you want to send. For sending a small snippet of text, you have to choose Text and type in whatever you want to share. You can also copy-paste any text in the text window for Sharik.


Once the sharing has been enabled through Sharik, which takes only a fraction of a second, it will show you a link through which you can access this shared file from any other device. The link is available over the local area network only and can be opened in any web browser. If you want to open the link in a smartphone, then you can also generate a QR code which can be scanned through the smartphone camera. The QR code is really huge and fills up computer’s entire screen – making it easy to be scanned from a distance. You will need apps like Kaspersky QR Scanner or Trend Micro QR Scanner for scanning these codes through your Android mobile phone.


Sharik is a really good app to share files, text, pictures, videos and more easily over a local area network whether wired or wireless. Since it supports Windows, Linux and Android, it covers most of the popular devices.

You can download Sharik from