See Through Windows Makes Any Window Transparent

So many times we come across this strange situation when we want to monitor the contents of two windows at the same. But both windows are very large and cannot be positioned side by side, so we have to keep switching from one window to another repeatedly using the Alt+Tab switcher. But now with the help of a freeware called See Through Windows, we can make any window transparent at any time and look at the window behind it.

See Through Windows is a small application designed for the sole reason of making any window transparent. It can even make the window click-through so that we can click on the window behind the transparent window. This can be very useful when we want to carry out some mouse actions on two windows at the same time.

See Through Windows

The application does not show any notification area icon or anything else. It just keeps running in the background waiting for the hotkey to make the active window transparent. The hotkey by default is Shift+Ctrl+Z which will make the currently open window transparent. Pressing this hotkey again will revert the window’s transparency to 0, i.e., makes it completely opaque.

In the options for See Through Windows, we can choose this hotkey and the transparency level. We can choose to make the transparent windows click-through, and add the ability of changing the transparency level by the use of another hotkeys. For increasing the transparency of a window we can use Ctrl+Win+PageUp hotkey. Similarly, for decreasing the transparency we can use Ctrl+Win+PageDown.

See Through Windows

Apart from the transparency actions, we can also add the ability of moving active windows. We can move windows to other screens and also maximize or minimize the windows. These actions are very useful when you are using a Windows PC with multiple screen configurations.

You can download See Through Windows from