Free Clipboard Viewer : Advanced Clipboard Manager for PC

We can store any type of data in a temporary place in the system memory called the clipboard. This feature is available on all the popular operating systems because it is really very useful. When we cut or copy something in the clipboard, it is stored in this temporary memory in form of binary data. We can paste this data in other applications in a similar fashion. With the help of a freeware called Free Clipboard Viewer, we can view the contents of the clipboard at any time in many different formats.

Free Clipboard Viewer is a portable and small application that does not require any installation. As soon as we launch it, we can view the current contents of the clipboard in its window. Depending on the data type stored in the clipboard, it will display different options for the data formats. For example, in the case of the text data stored in the clipboard, it can show it in plain-text format, in Unicode format, in text or OEM text format. The preview is the format in which is appears without any filters.

Free Clipboard Viewer can also store your historical clipboard contents. You can see what you copied in the clipboard a few hours ago even though you have changed the contents of the clipboard many times after that. This ensures that you do not lose something important accidentally by copying something else over it.

Free Clipboard Viewer

Free Clipboard Viewer also has a feature called favorites. Using this feature we can store the contents of the clipboard permanently. This data always exists in Free Clipboard Viewer and can be accessed from it even after restarting the Windows or after many days.

There is another interesting feature that Free Clipboard Viewer offers – transfer of your clipboard contents and your favorites from one PC to another PC. This way you can share your clipboard data or a set of data from one of your computers to another over the network.

You can download Free Clipboard Viewer for Windows from