Deep Explorer : Free Windows File Explorer Alternative

Windows comes with a really good File Explorer of its own, but if you want a really fast, free and lightweight file explorer that looks like classic File Explorer then you should try Deep Explorer. This software is designed to access files that are stored behind a very long path of more than 260 characters in length – hence “Deep” Explorer. However, this used to be a limitation in older versions of Windows and it has been long removed. But even without this deep exploration this software can be used because it is portable, small and fast.

The download size of Deep Explorer is less than 1 MB that’s how small it is. It does not consume any system resources at all. The program is portable and this makes it a really good candidate for carrying around on a USB stick.

When launched Deep Explorer displays the contents of the same folder in which the Deep Explorer executable program file is stored. You can then use the “Up” and “Back” buttons to navigate through the various folders. You can also use the path bar to manually type the full path of the folder that you want to explore.

Deep Explorer

This file manager displays the contents of a folder using the icon view by default. But we can change it to details view either from the menubar or by clicking on the toolbar icon. The program can also show a pie chart that shows the distribution of a folder’s total size by its contents. This pie chart can also be displayed using its toolbar icon which looks like a circle.

There are many file operations supported by Deep Explorer – cut, copy, paste, delete, duplicate, rename etc. It also features a hard delete option which bypasses the Recycle Bin which is same as using Shift+Del in Windows File Explorer.

You can download Deep Explorer or DExplorer from